Marathon recovery


They say for every mile you race, you need a day to recover. For a marathon, that means you aren’t back to pre-race fitness for 26 days. I knew this before the marathon and was actually really looking forward to some downtime.

The first week after the marathon, I didn’t run. I went to club for the race results announcements but then just went for a gentle swim (10 lengths was all I could manage and then I had a leisurely soak in the hot tub!). We went away to Edinburgh the following weekend as Scott had an exam on the Saturday, so I had a day to myself. What else to do other than parkrun! I thought it would be the ideal test for my post marathon legs and I always enjoy doing new parkruns.



I took it quite nice and easy and finished in just under 28 minutes but I felt good. The route is nice, an out and back along the coastline. Always way better than laps! Then, I spent a whole day sightseeing around Edinburgh (walking a ridiculous amount) and then the pain started. The right side of my foot was throbbing and really painful, but I put it down to just walking too much. The following day it got worse – to the point where I was limping around. The day after that I wore my running shoes all day which seemed to help.

I put it down to overuse – a combination of the marathon and then so much walking – so I rested until the following Saturday. I went out for an easy run with Scott and whispered ‘my foot feels ok’, but then at just over 2 miles in the sharp pain came back. Begrudgingly I stopped and walked home, sulking. I had to admit defeat and seek some professional help!

I managed to see a physio on Thursday who prodded and massaged my foot, diagnosing a sprain through a weakness in my right leg. I am also hypermobile which can cause some injuries and problems. It means my joints have a wider range of movement than usual. The physio did the test below on me.


Anyway, she then taped me up and said I was okay to run (hurrah – what I was dying to hear!) But that I need to work on the strength of my right leg. I tested my foot at Princes parkrun on Saturday and it was all ok! I trotted around with Sarah and we had a lovely chat which helped distract me from thinking about my foot.


How great is this photo that Debi caught of us?!

So, I am now 22 days post-marathon and I’ve ran 8 miles since it. I am just grateful that I got to the start line of the marathon injury free and I have had some cracking races so far in 2016, so I can’t complain. I am trying to focus on keeping up my fitness with general gym workouts and I’ve just been to a HIIT class which was fun. I am missing the social side of running as I’m not yet feeling up to whole club sessions, but parkrun was good to catch up with people. I have no races entered at all, so running pain free is my main focus at the moment and hopefully my fitness and speed will follow.


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  1. Mary says:

    Fingers crossed for a speedy full recovery.
    I think it’s the social side of running that I always end up missing most when injured. Parkruns are a great way of keeping up to date with all things running though!

  2. Hopefully the rest does you good- like you say at least you got to the start and finish of the marathon without injury. I miss the social side the most too- I offered to take photos at parkrun a while back as I knew I should not run and the roster was already full- I thought if I went to watch I would be more tempted to just have a go and make things worse.

  3. AnnaTheApple says:

    Glad to hear that the pesky foot thing seems to have disappeared – long may that continue! Good plan on taking things slow. I really need to do this next post-marathon. I will live and learn!!
    The social side of running is so hard when you’re injured. I miss parkrun the most and tend to go and volunteer so I can still be involved. Though of course it’s hard because you JUST WANT TO RUN.

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