1 week to go


1 week to go until race day! I’ve taken it easy this week with my last week of training as follows:

Monday – Gym. 10 minutes on the bike (was intending to do longer but a niggle in my shin combined with marathon paranoia made me stop), rowing and weights.

Tuesday – early morning 5 mile run with Holly before work. It was a lovely morning and meant that in the evening I could go along and cheer at the Walton Hall Park 5 mile race. I didn’t enter it because I didn’t want to do any races so close to the marathon but I cheered along a lot of striders and it was a nice evening.

Wednesday – 4 miles with Claire

Thursday – 7 miles at club. My legs felt SO heavy by Thursday and I just plodded all the way around.

Friday & Saturday – some well deserved rest.

Sunday – 6.75 miles on the Happy Bus. Legs felt okay and not as heavy, so going to take it very easy this week.

I feel really ready for Liverpool Marathon now. I am slightly nervous but that is good. I’ve been analysing the course map and it feels so real now, I was getting butterflies in my tummy visualising myself running through the streets of Liverpool! I just need to make it through this week and then I can face race day. For my last marathon, my taper was so unfocussed as I was just starting a new job in work and it was very hectic, but now I’m into a routine I have a bit more mental capacity to focus on the taper and the mental strength that running the marathon will take.

I am obsessively checking the weather, hydrating, analysing the pace of the last long runs, wondering if I can go faster on race day, freaking out about the weather, worrying about my heavy legs and generally being an annoying tapering marathoner, but I feel as ready as I’m ever gonna be! I’ve done the training, now I just need to do my final lap of honour.




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  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    Ooooh so exciting! HUGE good luck. But you’ll be absolutely fine 🙂

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