Liverpool Spring 10k



Last weekend it was the Liverpool Spring 10k (in some not very spring like conditions). I ran this race once in it’s previous incarnation as the Liverpool Women’s 10k in 2012. It’s good because it is right on my door stop in Sefton Park so I can literally walk to the start line. I marshalled at the race last year as it was so soon after Manchester Marathon, but this year I wanted to take part in it as there is always a huge turn out of striders. There were 84 finishers from Penny Lane Striders on the day, the above photo is the best we could do beforehand though!

It was raining, so I asked Holly to bring some black bin bags to the start for us to wear as ponchos so we didn’t get soaking wet once we’d put our baggage away. I didn’t want to take mine off! I reluctantly did though as we made our way into the starting pens. I really wanted to finally nail that sub 50 10k that I’ve been trying for for over a year and have had a few disastrous attempts at. I was slightly worried deep down inside that I wouldn’t get it and that if I didn’t, I’d start doubting myself and lose confidence in my marathon training also. I didn’t want to make it into a Big Deal. (But it really was a Big Deal for me).


Spoiler alert: I did it! Earlier in the week I’d been discussing plans for Sunday with Kerrie and she said ‘oh you’ll get something starting with a 47 I bet’. I didn’t believe her, anything that started with a 49 would have made me ecstatic and like I’d finally broken that barrier.

My official time was 47.42! My 2nd mile was a bit stupid, but otherwise I’d say I paced it quite well. I struggled on the 4th mile but I just told myself to carry on, but just slow down slightly if it started to hurt. My main aim was to not stop. With it being such a local race, there were so many people I knew supporting around the course, either as volunteers or just spectators. It really kept me going.


So, my sub 50 minute 10k goal can well and truly be ticked off! I feel like I’ve overcome this mental barrier in my mind now. I always believed I was capable of it, it was just frustrating that it never seemed to click into place whenever I raced a 10k. However, it also comes down to the fact that my training has been so much more consistent the last few months. Results don’t just come overnight – in 2012 I ran this in 1 hour 4 minutes. Since then, I’ve been constantly chipping away at my time and pace, but I’ve had my plateaus and set backs too. So far 2016 has been quite good for me running wise and I just hope that this continues and also includes a good result for me at the Liverpool Marathon which is just 20 days away now!


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  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    Congrats! That’s an awesome result 🙂 You’re doing so well lately – marathon training is clearly paying off!

  2. Wow that is a brilliant time, amazing stuff well done!
    You are right, it does take time and effort to improve- it’s great you can measure against how you did before and see the results.

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