Week in training – March Mile Madness


Following on from my PB at the Liverpool Half, I felt pretty motivated to crack on with my marathon training with just 11 weeks to go. And so, back to the plan it was. This is how my week went:

Monday – Rest. Monday is supposed to be cross training on my plan, but I’ve only actually managed to keep this up a few times. It’s something I really need to focus on to improve my strength. During training for my last 2 marathons I did hot yoga every Monday evening and loved it, but it’s quite expensive so I’ve been trying to cut back on that. A priority for the next few weeks I suppose.

Tuesday – Intervals at club. I moved back up to group 3 to push myself a bit more. 4.5 miles – 10×2 minutes intervals, plus warm up and cool down. Legs hated me by the end of that.

Wednesday – 8 miles was on my plan but I had to be back by 6.30 for an online meeting, so I only managed 6.5 miles unfortunately. Very easy paced after the soreness from intervals on Tuesday.

Thursday – an easy short run of 4 miles after work. I was looking back at my training from this time last year and I seemed to struggle last year in fitting in the midweek runs. Last year there were too many weeks where all I managed was a club run on a Tuesday and a long run on a Sunday. A run like this one would be one where I’d say ‘oh I’m tired from work..missing one run isn’t going to make a difference is it?’. No, it doesn’t, but when you miss that one run every week, it will.

This year I am averaging 4 runs a week, sometimes 5, and just feel so much more consistent with my training. Let’s hope it pays off!

Friday – rest day. Much needed!

Saturday – 17 miles, 9:28 m/miles. Long run on a Saturday due to a club event on Sunday that I wanted to rest my legs ever so slightly for. This was alone and it was hard but good to get those mentally difficult runs out of the way. I also planned out quite a silly route with a lot of hills, just to make it even more difficult. Scott ran me a bath when I text to say I was 3 miles away, which was pretty nice. Then we went out for lunch so I could refuel. My legs felt so sore afterwards and I kept having to stand up and down all evening to stop my legs going dead.

Sunday – March Mile Madness! A Penny Lane Striders social running event. This was so much fun! My legs felt fine when I got up and I had almost forgot I’d ran 17 miles the previous day. The format of the event was made up of heats of runners of similar abilities. The first men and women from each heat then went through to a handicapped final. I knew I wasn’t going to be anywhere near the front of my heat, but thought I’d give it a good go anyway. I ran my mile in 7.10 but was the penultimate finisher in my heat. I was quite relieved though as it meant I didn’t have to run another mile on the track. It was HARD. I’ve never ran on a track before except for at the start and finish of the Stockport 10 miler. I’d really like to try this again – maybe on a day when my legs are more rested!  It did make me quite excited for when the Mystery 5k returns and I can focus on some faster running in the summer.

2016-03-20 14.33.16-1

2016-03-20 18.54.17

Both feet off the ground! I love this photo. It was really interesting watching the other heats too and seeing everyone’s tactics. Very rarely in road running do we race other individuals so openly – usually it’s racing against your own PB or a certain time goal. The fastest mile time was 5.08 – I can’t get over how speedy some people are! I’d like to reach sub 7 for my next track mile.

Weekly total mileage – 33 miles.

10 weeks to go until Liverpool Marathon.


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  1. Nice week of training! And great photo at the end 🙂 Ahh I can’t believe it was this time last year I was training for Liverpool. Now it’s only 4 weeks until my marathon arrghh!

  2. Fab week of training! And a speedy mile too- so impressive especially after the long run the day before! You must be feeling really strong at the moment.
    That photo is great too!

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