Mad Dog 10k

I mentioned in my last post that I ran my first road race of the year at the Mad Dog 10k in Southport on the 7th February. I ran this race in 2014 whilst I was training for my first marathon (and before I’d joined Penny Lane Striders), so I thought I would return this year. I ran it in 54.51 and it was my first 10k under 55 minutes, so I was hopeful that I could get another new PB here 2 years later.

Team Penny Lane at the end of the race

The weather was very similar to 2014 – very windy and very cold! What can be expected of a seaside race in February eh? The race starts off with the first 3 miles right along the seafront, then you loop back around the marina, head back to the seafront and then turn in for the finish. It was SO windy, my hands were raw and my vest and race number were flapping about crazily in the wind. It was really very tough. I had a Garmin malfunction too and it didn’t pick up signal for a while, so I was kind of guessing my pace and how far I’d gone. I guessed that I went through 5k at about 26 minutes, so I needed to go a touch faster on the way back to get close to a PB.

Action shot – it was a tad windy!

On the way back, I felt SO exhausted from running against the wind and then worried that I’d used up all my energy against the wind. I started getting overtaken by a few team mates but then once we headed back onto the seafront I managed to pick up some speed again. I saw a 7.45 and 7.31 mile flash up on my Garmin but still wasn’t sure if it was enough for that sub 50 10k I’ve been waiting so long for.

mad dog strava

My official time was 50 minutes and 19 seconds, so a minute off my old PB which I was really pleased with considering the tough conditions! Only 1 other team mate managed to PB and everyone said it was a really tough race, so I went away feeling very satisfied with my performance and hopefully it’s a sign that my training is heading in the right direction. I just always seem to have terrible luck with the weather at 10ks – it’s either too hot or too windy! I am confident that if the weather has been calmer, I would have nailed that sub 50 10k. But, I came away with a great new PB and over 4 minutes off the last time I ran the Mad Dog 10k 2 years ago. I’m now focussing on my marathon training, but hopefully before the end of 2016 I will run a 10k time that starts with a 49!

mad dog goodie bag

Edited to add the medal and some goodie bag contents! I’ve been using the water bottle quite a bit, it’s really handy. Not sure if I’ll use the event clips because I always have hundreds of safety pins around. The goodie bag also included some deodorant, running socks, tea, cadbury mint chocolate puddles and some other bits and bobs too. The running socks and the water bottle are probably the most useful goodie bag items I’ve received!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Well done- sounds like very tough conditions.
    I love event clips- I bought some last year and then we got given personalised running club ones- I hate making holes in tops and always used to wear old tops to races as I didn’t like ruining them.. Although they are not so easy if you are wearing the top so I stick to safety pins at the events where you collect your number on the day.

  2. AnnaTheApple says:

    Oh wow well done on the PB! That sounds like a pretty tough race with the wind. Wind is such a nightmare to run and race in. So demoralising! But congratulations – you smashed it!

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