Running lately

Wow, long time no blog. Last time I blogged I wrote about moving out of my comfort zones and I certainly have been shaking up my routine into the New Year.

I’ve carried on with cross country – running 2 races in January and 1 in February. The cross country season finished today, so that must mean that spring is on it’s way. I’m quite sad/relieved that it is over! It has been great from a social perspective, and I think it has been from a physical perspective too. I’m feeling stronger and tougher!

2016-02-21 13.38.40 2016-02-21 13.38.58After the race with Claire. Claire did amazing to finish after losing her shoe running down the start hill and then face-planting! But she never threw in the towel and that’s what cross country is all about – digging deep. It was really tough today at Birchwood, it was 4 laps of a horrendous course which included running/swimming through a bog 4 times. Hilarious photos below captured by team mate Anna who was providing moral support and brownies!
2016-02-21 15.24.55 2016-02-21 15.24.59 2016-02-21 15.25.21

I have also been cracking on with my marathon training for Liverpool Rock and Roll in May. My long runs are now up to 13 miles and I’ve been doing quite well at fitting it 4 runs a week (could do better and fit in 5, but hey. Life happens). I was away in Newcastle for some training at the start of February but managed to fit in 2 short runs which was quite pleasant. I love running along rivers, especially when they are as still and serene as this!

2016-02-10 07.50.42

I was also very pleased the other day when I got my first ever strava course record! I was so pleased and excited that I took a screen shot of it and tweeted it like a true #stravawanker. Then, 2 days later, my crown was taken and my course record was cruelly stolen! Very well deserved though as she took it by 30 seconds, so I’m not even going to attempt to regain it. Still, the screen shot remains.

2016-02-17 19.49.48

I have ran 1 road race this year, the Mad Dog 10k. I will post a full race report shortly, but it was very very winy and very tough. I last ran this 2 years ago when training for my first marathon so thought I would run it again for this training cycle.


I also started the year off well cross training wise as I spent most of January going to Yoga at least once a week, sometimes twice. My friend Holly who I usually run with has been injured so we bought a 30 day class card for a local studio on an introductory offer and did some hot yoga. Since it’s expired, I haven’t been since, but my legs are taking a bit of a battering now so I feel like I need to make more effort with my cross training and stretching. I love hot yoga, but we’re trying to save money so I think I will have to make do with just some at home YouTube Yoga.

And on that note, I am going to go and foam roll before bed before my legs seize up after a weekend of a 13 miler and a gruelling cross country race!


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  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    Nice work on the cross-country races! And the Strava course record. It’s so demoralising, especially in a race, when you upload your results and get the record and then someone (who has probably delayed uploading their results for whatever reason) goes and takes it off you. Ah well. You’ll still be on the leaderboard!

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