Marathon training – week 12


After last week, my aim for week 12 was to try to be more consistent in my training and fit in 3 other runs as well as my long run. I am pleased to report that I achieved this! It was a rollercoaster of a week though.

Monday – Hot yoga. Ahh how I love hot yoga. This class was especially hot as I was positioned right under a heater. I love how I walk away like I’m floating on air – it’s so relaxing.

Tuesday – Interval training at club. It was an all club session which meant the estuary square session that I usually dread. I hadn’t been to any speedwork at club for a few weeks so I thought I had better go. I surprised myself quite a bit and enjoyed it and also felt a lot stronger and faster compared with the same session in January. 5.3 miles.

Thursday – I woke early for a change and squeezed in 4 miles before work. The last few weeks I have been setting my alarm with the best intentions of running before work, but then hitting snooze. Scott worked his reverse pyschology on me and said he didn’t believe I would get up, making me even more determined to do so! It’s a lot easier now it’s light by 6.30 too.

Saturday – parkrun!

I had been meaning to try Widnes parkrun for a while since it started in January and I finally got the chance to this week. My sister-in-law also ran; it was her first parkrun and she was quite nervous but finished in just under 40 minutes! I felt so proud and she said it isn’t going to be her last and she wants to beat that time. I love how inclusive parkrun is for all abilities and how it’s about bettering yourself rather than racing others.


I managed to bag myself a 5k pb too – I knocked a whopping minute off my old pb time which was set about a year ago when I was marathon training first time around. I finished yesterday in 23.53. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve struggled to get back under 25 minutes at all over the last year and then that comes out of the blue. Afterwards I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my friend in Chester and had some amazing and well-deserved pancakes at hanky panky pancakes.

2015-03-07 13.15.43

This was the Tiramisu pancake – with coffee ice cream, mascarpone, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and a shot of espresso on the side. Divine!

Sunday – 20 miles in 3hrs 12 minutes, with 15 miles on the Happy Bus! This was the comedown of the rollercoaster; I really struggled with this. In hindsight, running a really fast parkrun time and pushing myself to my limit the day before wasn’t a great idea. The first 6 or 7 miles were ok, my legs felt heavy but they were going. Then, it started raining. I had made the stupid mistake of wearing a t-shirt as the weather had been so nice the previous day. I was freezing and miserable and really struggling. As we got to 10 miles, I was really tempted to go home and finish off my 20 miles later on in the day so that I could get warm. After a bit of a moan, I dug deep and found the strength to carry on, after a pep talk from Esther which helped.


This is half of the happy bus, on the final 3 mile loop. (That’s me in the blue t-shirt – note how everyone else is more suitably dressed!) We do about 5-6 miles at 7am, then at 8am we do 7 miles and then there is an optional 3 mile loop at the end. We were feeling very soggy but very happy at this point!

I am so thankful to all of my running friends I’ve made since joining a club – I honestly would have given in if this had been a solo training run. Scott had run me a hot bath when I got back which felt heavenly to my legs. I’ve now got a friction burn from where my bra rubbed as it got wet, which isn’t pleasant, but I’ve had a good, solid week of training so I’m feeling positive. 6 weeks to go!


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  1. Wow well done- a super speedy parkrun time, and running before work! And that sounds like a pretty speedy time for a 20 mile run too – I think the weather is so hard at this time of year but the important thing is that you did it- those miles are in your legs now and can’t be taken away 🙂

  2. Wow you got a parkrun PB then smashed out a 20 miler, bloody hell! You are really rocking this marathon training, well done 🙂 Clearly the training is working as well for you to be getting faster – silver linings of a tough long training plan, eh? 😉

  3. Ravacholle says:

    Hello Helen!

    I never commented on any of your blogs, but first found out about you when you were blogging at Afeitar. I enjoyed your recipes and your lovely style.

    The reason why I am commenting today is because I have been nominated to A Lovely Blog Award and I thought I would nominate you next. I know it’s supposed to get to know new bloggers etc. but as I am into running right now as I train for the Brussels 20KM, I look up for advice on your new running blog and thought about you.

    Really, my nomination is more about telling you I appreciate your blog and find you lovely in general, but if you’re interested here’s my contribution and infos about the award:


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